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Module One (Free Essential Module)
This module will guide you through a foundational process for assessing changes that will positively affect your life and those around you, setting yourself up for a successful outcome, enacting the change you are looking to make, and then reflecting on the process and celebrating your siccesses.
Create Lasting Positive Change
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Follow along with our guided video that will take you through our 4 step process:

  1. Assessment & Understanding
  2. Setting Yourself Up for Success
  3. Applying Change
  4. Reflection & Affirmation

You can download and use the digital worksheet provided in the exercise files tab, or print and write manually if you prefer.

Take whatever time you need. Remember; the goal is not to make as many changes as you can, the goal is to learn the process of creating positive lasting change by starting with something small and focusing on building up your ability to work through the process. From there you can start applying your new found ability to gradually scaling changes you seek.

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